Best Illustrator Tutorials of August 2015

The number of people joining the creative genuinenesses is increasing day by day and they wonder what steps they should take to understand the basics and how to use various trips and tricks of tools available. Professionals are too making best efforts to help their fellow designers and newbies who are trying to learn. What they do is that they take time for writing down the step wise procedure to help designers come up with superb results. This step wise procedure penned down in easily understandable language is well known as tutorial.

Adobe Illustrator tutorials are proving to be quite useful for the designers who are trying their hands on Illustrator. In the quest to learn about the tips and tricks of Illustrator to come up with some amazing results, one keeps looking for ways to smooth-en up the entire process and seek help from the professionals who have already made the mark.

For all those of you who are wondering how to proceed in understanding various tips, tricks and steps involved in getting different kind of amazing results in Adobe Illustrator, here we have come up with a superb compilation of useful tutorials. Check out the pinned below best Adobe Illustrator tutorials that claim to be of great help.

1. Create a Cute Moldovan Chibi Character in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to create a cute Moldovan Chibi character using the Illustrator tutorial explained by Maria Dimova at


2. How to Create a Children’s Colorful Bicycle in Adobe Illustrator

This Illustrator tutorial by Yulia Sokolova will help you create a beautiful and colorful children’s bicycle using simple shapes, Stroke Panel options and other Pathfinder operations.


3. How to Create a Koala Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

By Nataliya Dolotko, this Illustrator tutorial will help you create a cute Koala climbing a tree in Illustrator.


4. Yummy! How to Create Delicious Donut Icons in Adobe Illustrator

We all love donuts and this tutorial by Diana Toma will help you create 4 versions of donuts that can be used as a icons in your website. If you love creating icons in Illustrator, do check our other article featuring best Illustrator icon tutorials of year 2015 so far.


5. How to Draw a Set of Emoticons in Adobe Illustrator

By Beto Garza, this is a another cool Illustrator icon tutorial that will help designers to create a set of awesome emoticons that you can use in your chat apps.


6. Create a Backlit, Elegant Female Portrait in Illustrator

Another useful Illustrator tutorial explained by Sharon Milne that will help you create a elegant female portrait character using simple techniques.


7. Video Tutorial: Vector Hipster Character in Illustrator

Chris Spooner has a record of coming up with some of the best Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials on his site and since when he started creating video to demonstrate the tutorial process, its been cherry on the cake for learners. Here’s one Illustrator tutorial that will help you create an awesome vector hipster character using simple vector shapes.


8. Create a Cartoon Skull Sticker Vector in Illustrator

In this awesome Illustrator tutorial, you will learn to create a cute cartoon skull sticker using the Basic Tool, the Pen Tool and a glimpse of Pathfinder Window.


9. Create a Set of Download Buttons

Create a set of simple looking download buttons but can be useful for many websites using basic tools and shapes and some simple Illustrator techniques.


The list we know is not a big one but we assure the ones listed here are superb ones that you all would want to try your hands on. Leave your comments below to have your say and let us know your best Illustrator tutorials.

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