5 Excellent Tips to Keep Responsive Design Engaging

The craze of the latest smartphones with amazing features has increased among tech-savvy people. Infact, everyone out there wishes for a nice smartphone! You buy one and another one is launched making you regret not waiting for sometime. This is one example of how the world is going crazy over mobiles, tablets and other cool gadgets with amazing features.

Seeing the boom in number of smartphone and tablet users, it has become crucial for designers to expand their horizon.

Nowadays, the web world is not limited to the laptops and desktops instead more and more people are using mobiles, tablets and other gadgets to access the web. Therefore, designers are focusing on providing the viewer with best user-experience.

Following the design trend is must for every designer to be appreciated for their work, as people are curious to know what’s new in the world of web and technology. Responsive web design for instance, has become a popular design trend and designers are creating mobile-friendly websites to enable users to access the same from different gadgets anywhere, anytime they want to.

However, making the web design responsive, doesn’t ensure best user-experience instead as a designer one needs to ensure its quite engaging. Listed below are a few smart tips to make your responsive web design engaging enough to make the viewers enjoy the ease-of-use.

1.  Focus on Right Typography

Fonts or call them typography plays a vital role in making a good web design. Making your web design responsive asks you to keep every little aspect in mind as one mistake can make your entire effort go down the drain. In responsive designs, the screen size decreases, ensure that all the elements transform in such a way that users are able to get the right kind of information, the right way and enjoy the ease of surfing. Fonts/typography being one important element should be taken care of to ensure engaging responsive design.


2. Ease of Use

This is not the first time I am talking about making the web design easy to use, navigate and find the right information for which the user has come to website for. Ease-of-use is must keep the user engaged for comparatively longer period of time. If the user finds it difficult to access the website and navigating it, the probability of closing the tab and leaving never to come back increases.


3. Choose Images with Care

Visual appeal plays an important role in keeping the users engaged therefore make sure you use nice images. Just like typography, when the image screen decreases the image sizes  change too. Use such images which, when opened up in screens of different sizes do not look bad instead stick to being visually appealing. Resolution of images plays a major role in providing the visual appeal thus making the responsive web design engaging. Do check our article featuring a showcase of creative restaurant websites with full image background that will help you understand more about choosing images in web design.


4. Easy Navigation

Now, this one is too an important element that if not taken care of will leave the viewers disappointed. While ensuring your web design is responsive, take care of the navigation. If your website is difficult to navigate, users will get bugged-up. Why would one want to stick back to the website that is not easy to navigate. To keep your responsive web design engaging, make sure it is easy to navigate and users get the right information without any fuss. If you are working on a website design, do check our article telling you 6 benefits of using fixed header bar in web design.


5. Be Creative

This is the thumb rule which works when other elements fail to leave an impression. There are do’s and dont’s of everything but at times it is not easy to stick with all but creativity is one thing that works where other things fail or leave you disappointed. Creativity sheds everything and manages to cover little loopholes just incase any blunder happens to take place.


To conclude, we all know that there are innumerable websites working on the same niche as yours providing the same information in a different way. Ensure, all the elements works in favor to ensure the best user-experience coercing the viewer to stick back and be a regular visitor. Simply making the website responsive, doesn’t ensure you have done your job well. You need to focus on even the minutest detail contributing in making your website one-of-its-kinds and the best!

We hope that the tips we listed above will help you understand how to make responsive design as engaging as they can be.

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