11 Fresh Useful Tools for Web Developers – 2014

Website development is the term which is used broadly for developing a website or web pages on the internet. This website development may range from creating a static web page to complex websites including social networking services or typical internet applications. The growth of this website development industry already started increasing day by day as more peoples started to take an interest in it. It involves the various programming languages like HTML, JAVA, PHP, CSS and much more. For creating and maintaining large project, there exist the group of people working together in creating efficient and easy to maintain websites by writing the code in proper sequence.

The latest web developer tools which provides the various kinds of features always make theme most popular among programmers that help in large projects. But when you are working with large projects it becomes a tedious job to write long line of codes, So to deal with this certain problems there are developer tools available which makes this task easy to use.

Today we have in this list fresh tools of 2014 for web developers, hope you would love to visit the fresh stuff.

1) Web Developer Tool  –  Laravel

Laravel is flexible and modern PHP framework for web developers, it can be easier for programmers to start build amazing applications. Its symfony components giving application a great foundation of well-tested and reliable code.



2) Web Developer Tool  –  Myth

This is perfect preprocessor that help to write pure CSS without having to worry about that it will make your browser slow or even slow spec approval.



3) Developer Tools – Get Preboot

Preboot is a comprehansive and unique collection of lightweight documentation and code snippets.



4) Developer Tool  –  Vary Code

You dont need to install of any software for  code conversion, Varycode is one of the most popular online code convertor, supports c#, java, C++, Ruby, Python and Boo, access any where with internet.



5) CSS Developer Tool –  CSS Modal

This tools built with pure CSS, just click on that link and make your page with CSS modal. Using web design methods and can fit one all screen of mobile and PC.



6) Developer Tool –  Dev Docs

Devdoc is a free and open source online tool that combines multiple API documentations in the amazing user interface.



7) Developer Tool –  Light Table

Light Table is a new interactive IDE that makes programmers more friendly to change in running programs and embed anything from websites to games.



8) Developer Tool –  Type Pick

Typepick is amazing and modern tools that provides a great interface to build online webpage for your products or services.



9) Developer Tool – Jiko

Jiko, is a template engine for javascript programmers, provides a unique and modern interface o write templates with an engine as powerful as server side.



10) Developer Tool –  Total js

That is the best web framework for development. Supports CSS (CSS 3), JavaScript minifier, XSS protected, resources, modules and supports MVC architecture.



11) Developer Tool –  Duo

Duo is a web browser that allows you to keep an eye on mobile without losing sight of the desktop.



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