Top 12 Best HTML5 Games of Year 2013

Everyone loves to play games and when it comes to play online games than it becomes the most interesting thing to do on the internet. Frankly speaking, I really love to play online games and this is where I spend most of my time after getting disturbed from my daily busy schedule. Even for online marketers or internet addicts who works most of the time alone with a laptop, sometimes it feels very boring to continue the same work for long hours and to get out of that situation playing games is just like a remedy for a person who is suffering from some disease and it also refresh our mind as well.

There are lots of programming languages which are used for the development of the games and HTML is one of them. When it comes to games, then HTML5 proves to be the best language, HTML 5 is the latest version of the HTML language and is markup language which is considered as the core of the Internet. It was specially designed for providing much more features to the language without the need of any additional plugins and this is the main reason it enhances the gaming section as well with the use of advance graphics & animations.

Now, Let’s dig out in our main topic which brings the best HTML5 games of 2013 to make you relax in much more entertaining mode. You might think that is just an another list like others present on the internet, but we individually checked and experienced that these HTML5 games are those which every internet addict should play. HTML 5 has strong capability to provide 3D gaming experience with the help of JavaScript and CSS and this list is just a proof that how much potential it holds. Check out these HTML5 Games 2013 and do let us know about your experience in the comments section.


1) Best HTML5 Game 2013 –  Zirma

Zirma is one of the most popular HTML5 games among game players, amazing single and multiplayer strategy HTML5 game of 2013.



2) Best HTML5 Game – Turbulenz

Using this SDK, developers can build HTML5 and javascript games. This framework provide the facility to develop 2D and 3D games for browsers and Mobile device.



3) Best HTML5 Game 2013 –  Lavablade

Lava Blade is a tactical strategy RPG as well as another amazing HTML5 game.  Windows, Mac OS X or Chome Web Store  all version are available here and there’s a free demo to play on the web site as well.



4) Best HTML5 Game –  Super Ubie Land Demo

This one is also a great HTML 5 game with awesome feature provide. Click on the link and enjoy the game.



5) Best HTML5 Game –  Gods will be Watching



6) Best HTML5 Game 2013 – Bombermine

Bombermine, this one also a amazine pice of HTML5 game with multiplayer strategy – place bombs in order to blow up other players and get bonuses hidden in blocks.



7) Top HTML5 Game –  Battle Fish

Another shining of quality HTML5 game and very simple to play and win, play online and have fun with this game.



8) Best HTML5 Game –  Troubling Time in the Kingdom


best-html5-games -2013

9) HTML5 2013 Game –  Word Wars

This game strategy totally on words scramble, Use your brilliant mind  find as many words as you can in just 90 seconds.



10) Best Game 2013-  Run Pixie Run

This is the lovely game to play, enjoy this game online.



11) Top Game 2013 – Treasure Arena



12) Best Game 2013 –  Cut the Rope 

Catch the another great example of HTML5 game with awesome user interface.



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