10 Essential Broken Link Checker Tools

The internet is made up of different kind of web pages of various type of categories and most of the web pages are interlinked together with the help of hyperlinks or simply links to other web pages. Every single website present on the internet today has several different pages for categorizing their items, share information in well structures manner. Now, if someone wants to access internal pages of the website for browsing more details about a particular topic than, he must enter or click on the correct hyperlink. There may be the case where the large website owner has several thousand of web pages interlinked together. As the complexity also increases with the number of increased pages, there may be a chance when user doesn’t reach to its destination.


It may have different kind of reason like page unavailable, wrong URL links, deleted or removed pages or may be a result of host destination unreachable that causes 404 errors. Even there may be several issues that one can not able to detect without having the proper information. To deal with this particular situation there are the online tools available which helps you to manage broken links easily. These online tools provide an accurate & a convenient method to keep track of the broken links with a web site. You just need to use these online tools & this will helps you not only to find the broken links, but also provide for functionality to handle the situation accurately. let’s check out some of the best broken link checker tools.



1) Google – Web Masters

Web master is one of the best tool that help you to make a healthy and google friendly website, also helps in google search of your site. Sign up for google web master and add your sites, it will find all the dead links and URLs.



2) linktiger

In this field, Link tiger also a better choice for SEO optimizers, it provides a friendly user interface of dashboard help you to build pie chart and status of all broken links reports of your site.



3) iWeb Tool

iWeb Tool provide the facility to find the broken links on a websites in just type your websites URL and find the broken links or dead link of your site/webpages.



4) Broken Link Check

Broken link checker has robust set of features as find dead link of site/blog, you can scan all pages, external and internal URLs and get the bed links also in easy way.



5) Broken Link Building

This tool gives 100% surety  to find out dead links or broken links to your sites.



6) Web Link Validator 

This Web Link Validator analysis of the entire website( HTML code, Orphaned pages, slow loading, small pages, etc)  and all of its pages discovers broken links as well as external HTTP, HTTPS and FTP resources or site errors.



7) Link Alarm

Link Alarm, is the automated site/web pages broken links checker  process with reporting and is designed to enhance your web site maintenance workflow.



8) W3 – Check Link

Just simply to enter URl and got the dead links of your site any time, This service is free to use.



9) Axandra

This site guide that you should regularly check your site/web pages for dead link. Come here and  enter the URL of your site or particular web page and discover the broken link of that page.



10) Xenulink



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