Top 44 Useful Typography Tools and Resources for Designers

When we are talking about strategies of creating a successful online business, then apart from planning, analyzing & market research, we need a website where we can plan or implement our business strategies. The website is the most important and crucial aspect of any online business, If we focus on the fact that for creating online sales, we need some good design interface on our website because website designing is something like encouraging users to visit more webpages on your website. So, The website designing must be considered as the first step towards creating a successful online business.

There are a lot of good web designers available on the web to do this task with perfection & provide you better interfaces, attractive designs, layouts and much more. Typography is one of the important things which should be considered by the web designer very closely. Basically, Typography is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make the language visible. The arrangement of type involves the selection of line spacing, line length, point size, adjusting the space between group of letters or pair of letters. Typography is performed by typesetters, compositors, graphic designers which helps to make the language more effectively. The real challenge for the web designers is to choose the proper combination of colors, composition of type and typeface.

To make the things more effective and easy to implement there are typography tools available on the web. These typography tools help to create responsive text effects with the help of few clicks, these typography tools comes more handy when you are not able to find a good designer. Because it’s not necessary that every designer is perfect in typography also, instead the designers also use these typography tools to make their work easy and save their time. One does not need proper knowledge to use these tools even someone with less knowledge can create some effective typography. To make the things more clear or help those people we are going to share 44 typography tools for designers.



1) Flipping Typical



2) Web Font Generator

Find the best collection of free unique and quality fonts for your next project. Choose your favorite and make it live in your project.


3) I Love Typography

Provides the best resources for typography designers. Come here and fins the best collection of different kind of fonts for your web design.


4) Font Friend



5) Lettering js



6) Type it



7) Type Tester



8) Type Plate



9) Type Wonder



10) The font Combinator



11) Type Cast



12) CSS Typeset



13) PX to EM



14) Font Picker



15) Typographica



16) FFFF ALL Back



17) Tiff



18) Font Feed



19) Type Wolf



20) Font Shop



21) Be Type



23) Type Kit



23) Font Struct



24) Thinking With Type

25) Type Daily

26) Google Font 

27) Fontifier

28) Fonts.com 

29) Type for You

30) Friends of Type 

31) Font Swapper 

32) Font Burner

33) Font Deck 

34) What Font 

35) What the Font 

36) Modular Scale

37) Type Inspire

38) Type Scale 

39) CSS Text 

40) Your Font 

41) typography Served

42) Type Everything 

43) Ministry of Type

44) Incredible Type

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