9 Best Ruby On Rails Content Management Systems (CMS)

If you want to create and publish superb content for your blog or corporate website, you will need to get a content management system (CMS). Content management systems avoid the need for hard coding and will have a friendly, easy-to-use interface. More people are using CMSs because they can be implemented without knowing a programming language. So no matter your level of computing skills, you’ll be able to master a CMS.

Ruby on Rails

This is an open source application framework which runs on its own programming language. It can run web applications and provide facilities to make fresh pages that take information from the web server, database and user templates. It provides a secure user interface, which is very useful for newbies to do their work with little knowledge about  programming.

Below is a useful list and description of Ruby on Rails CMS software available:

1) Best Ruby On Rails CMS-  Radiant CMS

This is a popular CMS packed with features. The pros are its simple and understandable interface with lots of templates. It has some great plugins, layouts, page parts and snippets. The cons are it is not as advanced as other CMS software available.



2) Popular Ruby On Rails CMS –  Adva CMS

Adva CMS is a powerful solution for building, editing and managing your websites. It uses a visual interface to help users easily manage a website through their browser. There’s support for themes and plugins, and it comes with a built-in file browser. The pros are its easy-to-use interface and various plugins.



3) Best Ruby On Rails CMS –  Casein CMS

A lightweight CMS toolkit based on Bootstrap, Casein provides scaffolding generators and help to quickly make a clean and minimal CRUD interface for your data. Casein is capable of adding new or existing Rails projects, or being used as a standalone CMS. The pros are the simplicity of the software, but it does not feature many extras.


4) Impressive Ruby On Rails  CMS –  Browser CMS

This CMS has the set of robust features that make it very popular among editors. It is simple and easy to use for everyone and supports larger teams of editors. It allows for varied permission models and is customizable. The pros are it is another easy-to-use CMS, but it lacks plugins and themes that other CMSs include as standard.



5) Top Ruby On Rails CMS –  Refinery CMS

Refinery CMS is 100 percent free to the user. It is perfect for creating custom content websites. The CMS supports Rails 4.2 and aims to keep pace with the latest version of Rails. Anyone who can point and click can use it. The CMS UI is updated frequently to deliver the most intuitive experience possible. Refinery comes in over 30 languages, including English, French, German and Spanish. An excellent CMS and free, so there is little to fault.



6)Most Popular Ruby On Rails CMS –  Locomotive CMS

This CMS is designed to save time and  focus on what’s important. With Locomotive, you work locally just like any web project. You can deploy your website whenever you want and can keep track of your code. It has a very friendly content editing interface and can be used without any training and minimal skills.

Designers can change their design and authors can change their content easily. You can keep your code tracking and local development. Modifying the layout; it won’t affect the content. The pros are it has an easy to use interface but—a con—it lacks themes and plugins.



7) Best Ruby On Rails CMS –  Comfortable Mexican Sofa

Comfortable Mexican Sofa, one of the best named CMSs, is also one of the most potent. Designed for applications using Ruby on Rails 3, it has some excellent features and dozens of useful plugins. Though there doesn’t seem much in the way of support of this CMS, it has interesting features like strong page templates that use tags and multiple sites.


8) Ruby On Rails CMS –  Slate CMS

Slate CMS uses Ruby on Rails to help you create stylish websites. Slate is focused on quick production of traditional websites. Some impressive features include:

  • Multi-site support
  • Theme support
  • Four system-defined roles
  • Ability to quickly add users
  • Dashboard
  • Pretty URLs
  • Drag-and-drop pages

This CMS has good support and nice themes.



9) Popular Ruby on rails CMS –  Webiva

Webiva CMS is a Web 2.0 open-sourced website. Designed to help you build custom websites to operate the way that you want them to, this CMS is based on the idea of simplicity first and the implementation of features later. Webiva uses Ruby on Rails framework. It is a nice, easy-to-use CMS, but the company website is hard to navigate.




You can see from the above that there are many CMS programs to choose from, and most of them are very easy to use without any prior knowledge of using CMS systems. CMS software is ideal for newbies and experts alike and most are open source and easily available online.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2014 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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