7 Best WordPress Bootstrap Frameworks 2014

Current trends in the networking and telecommunications industry are bent towards the use of internet platforms and frameworks. With millions of people worldwide having access to the internet either via their phones or computers, this has created the internet to be a mirror in which the entire world focuses on. Website building and design proves to be a headache, especially to new users. Developers are out to make website design and customization easier, and the worry now is not developing a website, but establishing the best platform for you to build your website.

An incredible platform that is user-friendly and aims at enabling you to build your website easier and faster is WordPress. This amazing platform is currently rated as the most popular blogging platform, with a worldwide user base of over 60 million people. It focuses on enabling users to build their personalized websites. The number of people using WordPress is on the rise mainly because it has an open source platform enabling web developers and designers to build their customized themes or plugins that meet their needs and expectations.

The themes or plugins give extra functionality to WordPress. Themes allow you to give your website that customized look as per your needs and expectations. Plugins give you a chance to perform a variety of operations within a few clicks. With WordPress comes the use of Bootstrap, an amazing feature that centers on improving the functionality of WordPress.

To design and establish a theme from scratch is no easy task as it requires expertise and is also time-consuming. Bootstrap has been developed to help you out when it comes to building your new theme. Bootstrap framework is the best open source front-end framework, making it easier to develop themes. Developing a Bootstrap theme and then converting it to WordPress is not easy but with the aid of Bootstrap WordPress framework you will achieve this more easily.

The Bootstrap WordPress framework entails use of guidelines for creating amazing WordPress themes and requires limited time to develop. It has a designed starter kit feature that provides useful resources to website builders so that they can easily and quickly create websites.

Below is a compilation of the WordPress framework that aims at enlightening you on its easy to follow the process and bring out the cons if available.

1) Best WordPress Bootstrap  Framework –  StrapPress

This amazing feature allows you to customize your homepage and utilize your Twitter Bootstrap features within your WordPress. Although incredible as it may sound, it is time-consuming as you will need to follow the meticulously laid out step by step installation layout provided.


best bootstrap wordpress framework - strappress

2) Best WordPress Bootstrap  Framework –  Roots

This is a WordPress starter theme that enables you to make better themes with HELMS Boilerplate, Bootstrap, and Grunt. Its disadvantage is that it requires an expert guide or laid down guidelines to help you work it out.


best bootstrap wordpress framework - roots

3) Best WordPress Bootstrap  Framework –  Cyberchimps

These are incredible themes on your website that can be accessed by your mobile phone. Although free to use, you will need network coverage on your phone to install it.


best bootstrap wordpress framework - cyberchimps

4) Best WordPress Bootstrap  Framework –  Skematik

This feature was designed with Twitter Bootstrap, and it incorporates WordPress themes and framework. It requires expertise knowledge to know how to incorporate the two and have them functioning together.


best bootstrap wordpress framework - skematik

5) Best WordPress Bootstrap  Framework –  WP Bootstrap

It is found in the WordPress theme and is a responsive feature. It has home carousel features, four different templates, and Bootstrap shortcodes. A memory of the shortcodes and template titles is required to access this feature.


best bootstrap wordpress framework - wp-bootstrap

6) Best WordPress Bootstrap  Framework –  Cherry Framework

This awesome feature is a fully responsive design, is easy to install and has steady updates. The only shortcoming of this feature is its use of many shortcodes.


best bootstrap wordpress framework - cherry-framework

7) Best WordPress Bootstrap  Framework –  Peadig

This framework is a responsive framework feature that will help you in the development of WordPress designs. Its only disadvantage is that it is time-consuming to use.


best bootstrap wordpress framework - peadig

The above features are all laid out to help you design themes that suit you and meet all your needs and expectations.

WordPress powers over 60 million websites and Bootstrap powers over one percent of sites on the web and is the most popular development framework. If you have been looking to develop that customized website with amazing themes that suit your needs, try WordPress.

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