12 Best PHP Frameworks for All Time

PHP is by far the most admirable tool for web developers and designers alike. With its tool set and resource base, PHP frameworks ensure you get to achieve both functionality and syntax in the web applications and sites you are looking to build. We have collected the best PHP frameworks for your next project and have the utmost confidence that you will find the list insightful.

We had initially covered aspects like responsive frameworks for web design, WordPress bootstrap frameworks and HTML5 cheat sheets. With this, we cover the best PHP frameworks you can utilize to design a quality oriented web design and development process.


1) Laravel

Laravel is one of the most popular and advanced PHP frameworks for making applications. It has expressive, elegant syntax and great features including tested reliable code and lightweight blade tempting engine to aid you in commanding data.

The Pros associated with Laravel are that it is elegant in its coding process and has a blade template, which is instrumental in speeding up task compilation. The cons include lack of access to community support, slow operation, and complexity, which locks out amateurs.


Best PHP frameworks for developers - laravel

2) Codeigniter

Codeigniter is a powerful, next generation PHP framework that has an elegant toolkit that is perfect in creating full-featured applications. It has a small footprint, which is an advantage to you as a web developer.

Codeigniter has a simple setup, which translates to a fast operation. The excellent support you can enjoy underlines the pros of the framework. The cons include the lack of a default modular separation of codes and the added difficulty experienced in maintaining or altering codes.


Best PHP frameworks for developers - Code Igniter

3) Kohana Framework

Kohana has some amazing components, namely database access, validation, code profiling and transition tools that are unrivalled as far as quality web designing is concerned. You can also rest assured that you will have excellent service with debugging and profiling tools.

Kohana is elegant and has a wider component base, which gives you added options when web designing. The cons of the framework include a limited documentation translating to a lack of adequate information. Limited testing options also stand as a hindrance to effective coding.


Best PHP frameworks for developers - kohana

4) Phalconphp

Phalconphp is the fastest open source PHP5 framework. It has advanced tools that aid you in creating interesting web applications rich in peculiar features.

The pros of the framework include a high performance and low resource consumption enhancing efficiency. The downside is that coding is impossible without database calls. Extending core files to facilitate coding is another con associated with the framework.


Best PHP frameworks for developers - phalcon

5) Zend

Zend is high performing, secure and extensible, allowing it to be utilized to build varied designs of web applications.

Pros of the framework include static binding and objected oriented coding. The downside of the framework is that it has a hard execution of codes and there is no ORM for a developer.


Best PHP frameworks for developers - zend

6) fuelphp

FuelPHP is a simple, flexible, and quality oriented PHP5.3 framework designed for experienced web designers and developers.

The pros include a simple utility and long-term community support. The cons of the framework stem from it being hard to use for beginners.

Best PHP frameworks for developers - fuelphp

7) Auraphp

Aura is a fully decoupled framework that is high quality and with well-tested libraries. It has independent packages that you can use in varied codes.

Advantages of the framework include clean code and independent packages. Disadvantages stem from the framework lacking ORM.


Best PHP frameworks for developers - aura

8) yiiframework

YII framework is arguably one of the best in developing web 2.0 applications. Its high-performance setting coupled with a varied set of features that include role-based access control, authentication, scaffolding, and testing, make the framework one of the best.

The advantages include lightweight codes, a fast nature, and excellent security. The downside, however, is that the framework lacks extension support and community support for your intricate coding.


9) Symfony

Symfony is perfect for you, as it offers a high level of professionalism and an advanced angle for developers. It can help you build amazing web applications and sites.

A major advantage with it is that it gives you the ability to choose your own ORM and can be adjusted depending on the flexibility of the project. The cons include a lack of reference for the documentation and a hard to use security platform.

Best PHP frameworks for developers - symfony

10) Cakephp

CakePHP offers high-class performance when building web applications. It is simple, fast and requires less code for development.

Advantages include extensive community support and fantastic plugins. It is however characterized as being slow and having bulky codes, which cement its cons.

Best PHP frameworks for developers - cakephp

11) phpixie

PHPixie is a lightweight MVC PHP framework designed to be fast, easy to learn and provide a solid foundation for development.


Best PHP frameworks for developers - phpixie

12) Flight

Flight is a fast, simple, extensible framework for PHP. Flight enables you to quickly and easily build RESTful web applications.


Best PHP frameworks for developers- flight

All of these frameworks are effective in their individual capacities, depending on the project. Find out more about PHP frameworks by contacting the developers directly.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2014 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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