7 Useful PHP Video Tutorials for Programmers

Are you looking to learn the programming language or you are the among that who are struggling to get the useful resources for learning a programming language by itself. Well, if your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. You can easily learn any programming language like HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA and much more. PHP is the server side scripting language which is designed to help web developers for creating web applications and web sites.

PHP code can be easily mixed out with HTML for creating web pages or web applications. Anyone can easily learn PHP programming language by simply understanding basic syntax and some general rules and the rest of the things depends on the practice. Either you can learn it with the help of someone who already knows it very well like from training institutes and all. You may also learn it by yourself by simply starting out with basic understanding.

But, It’s not an easy task to get some useful resources easily, so you have to find out the best place for it. One way is to by the use of online websites which helps you to learn it step by step. The other way is to with the use of video tutorials. Yes, You heard it right, there are various PHP programming video tutorials available on the internet which helps you to achieve your goal easily. Here is the list of best PHP programming video tutorials for beginners.

1) Introduction To PHP – A Complete PHP Tutorial for Absolute Beginners


2) Learn PHP in 15 minutes

best video tutorials for PHP developers- learn-PHP

3) Object Oriented Programming Tutorial PHP Class File Creation Learn OOP

best video tutorials for PHP developers -PHP-OOP

4) MySQL PHP Database Tutorial For Beginners

mysql-php-database5)  PHP Tutorials – Dynamic HTML Web pages using PHP

best video tutorials for PHP developers - php-tutorials6) PHP-training-tutorials

best video tutorials for PHP developers - php-training-tutorials

7) PHP Video Tutorials 


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