10 Most Useful jQuery Plugins For November 2014

The process of web designing is really difficult and time consuming. A person has to give best of his efforts to enhance the appearance and performance of his website. He has to give great amount of efforts to provide best user experience in quick time. But, jQuery plugins play a big part in optimizing a website perfectly. They give a great look and create outstanding presentations with utmost speed, and efficiency.

The continuous efforts and immense dedication of experienced professionals plays a big part in coming up with useful plugins which can be utilized for different projects. So, if you want to improve the performance of your website, checkout the list of best jQuery plugins which deliver adequate results with perfection. This list has been compiled with great efforts, and after exploring these plugins, your development project will definitely move towards new heights of success.

After using any one from these plugins, your project will definitely get handled with utmost ease and efficiency.

1) Stripjs

The first and most efficient jQuery plugin is Stripjs. It is a renowned plugin which not only improves user experience, but also plays a big part in interacting with pages on larger screens. A large number of web designers have been using this plugin for best results in quick time.

2) SweetAlert

Another jQuery plugin which should be used is SweetAlert. It is a perfect and reliable replacement for JavaScript Alert. While using, it automatically centers itself on the page and looks great on all devices. The overall performance and efficiency of this plugin gives a great user experience

3) Progressbar.js

The next jQuery plugin which can be used to enhance user experience is Progressbar.js. It is a responsive plugin with animated SVG paths and many other features. By using it, you can easily create arbitrary shaped progress bars and avail best optimization results.

4) Colorpicker.js

Evol colorpicker is also an efficient jQuery plugin. It is a color picker which can be utilized as an inline or as a popup restricted text box. While using it, you can also use various configurations and themes to provide an appealing and richer look.

5) OneBook3d

OneBook3d is one of the best and most beautiful jQuery plugins designed for photographers and designers. It features an easy, effective and quick way to create beautiful presentations for magazines, books and portfolios. By using this plugin, the process of website optimization can be conducted very easily.

6) Picture Cut

Picture cut gives an easy and effective technique for quick optimization. It is a popular jQuery plugin which deals with images in an easy and efficient way. This plugin provides a rich collection of features like Ajax uploading, image dragging, cropping and a lot more.

7) PgwSlideshow

PGWslidshow is used by a large number of designers, and offers fully responsive slideshows. While using it, you’ll not only get quick optimization results, but will also have full customization benefits with the CSS file included. So, if you want effective optimization, consider this plugin as a reliable option.

8) Autocomplete.js

Autocomplete is a renowned jQuery plugin which improves search experience providing hints to the user. It carries many search related features, and plays a big role in delivering best results in quick time. As compared to other tools, plugin proves very useful in providing a great user experience.

9) IsInViewport

An ultra-light jQuery plugin that tells you if the element is in the viewport, but with a twist.

10) ScrollWatch

This jQuery plugin determines active sections on a page based on viewport scrolling. It’s used by a large number of designers, and plays a big part in providing best navigational and functional experience to the users. Every web optimization project should involve application of this efficient and reliable plugin.

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