Top 12 Node.Js MVC Frameworks For JavaScript Users

Node.js is the most popular framework for web designing. Different kinds of frameworks are there in node.js as full-stack framework, etc. It is a platform built for fast and scalable network applications, and is very efficient and light weighted as it uses a non blocking model of I/O. As compared to other frameworks, Node.Js MVC is perfect for real time applications. You can easily develop web applications by utilizing their efficient and easy to use features.

So, if you want to handle a complicated JavaScript project, checkout our top 12 best node.js frameworks which can easily deliver best results with utmost ease and perfection. After using these frameworks, your web and JavaScript development tasks can be handled with perfection. These tools are really useful and can be easily shared with anyone and everyone who wants to use them.

We hope that you’ll get a perfect best Node.js framework to avail adequate results in quick time.

1) Locomotive.js

best Node.js MVC frameworks for javascript  - locomotive

It is another kind of framework of node.js which supports MVC patterns. It has expressive routing system and MVC architecture, along with which it has a function to connect to any database and is routing helper. Locomotive.js is build on express and are adheres to REST principles, which makes it the powerful MVC framework of node.js

2) Koa.js 

best Node.js MVC frameworks for javascript- koa

Koa.js are one of the most popular node.js frameworks which is used by many of the developers across the world, as it provides many of the useful methods for web application development by combining 2 objects of node.js into single one. These are widely used for server development of HTTP, as they provide several additional functions.

3) Socket stream 

best Node.js MVC frameworks for javascript - socketstream

Socket stream is one of the most important kinds of node.js framework which pushes the data in real time to provide best experience to the user. Creating web applications are fast, simple. Multiplayer gaming system is also a feature of socket stream along with rich interfaces, which provides a great ease in program development.

4) Sails.js

best Node.js MVC frameworks for javascript - sailsjs

Sails.js is one of the most popular node.js frameworks, as they make it easy to build node.js apps. These are mainly designed to reproduce MVC patterns. Sails.js is good for building chats, multiplayer games. The main fact is you can use it from top to bottom for any web designing program project.


best Node.js MVC frameworks for javascript - expressjo is among top 10 node.js frameworks. It allows the user to create web applications with great ease, as it supports MVC architecture. It is a real time framework which has simple codes that allow you to get an awesome experience of web program development.

6) Flatiron.js

best Node.js MVC frameworks for javascript - flatiron.js

Flatiron.js is another important kind of node.js framework which is modern. It is next generation framework for web developers having lots of advance features, which gives an impressive experience to web developers. It allows user to create web applications with great ease by its simple steps.

7) Express.js

best Node.js MVC frameworks for javascript - expressjs

Expres.js is one of the most important frameworks of node.js which is minimal and flexible. It is ideal in providing the web applications for mainly mobile and web applications. It is fully loaded with web application features and that you will really enjoy. It is ideal in creating multi page application creation along with single page application creating.

8) Partial.js

best Node.js MVC frameworks for javascript - partialjs

Partial.js is another most useful node.js framework, which is free for commercial uses. It supports basic access authentication and streaming along with fast file uploading and custom authorization benefits. It is supporter of web socket, java script minifier, is fast and safe along with modules and proxy supports.

9) Total.js 

best Node.js MVC frameworks for javascript - totaljs

Total.js is another one of the most useful node.js framework which is very much useful in web page and web application creation. Along with modern, modular, and extensible framework it has good security elements also. Total.js has beautiful templates which gives it a beautiful look, and is also useful in creating real time applications.

10) Node Framework

best Node.js MVC frameworks for javascript - nodeframework

This is Node.js framework for web developers.

11) Kiss.js

best Node.js MVC frameworks for javascript - kissjs

Kiss.js is simple and object-oriented web framework on Node.js.

12) Coke js

best Node.js MVC frameworks for javascript - cokejs

“COKE is a lightweight node.js MVC framework that speeds up your web development. It’s simple, it’s modularized, it’s somking fast!”

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