Getting New App Ideas: 9 Best Resources

The world has become more mobile than ever. It is increasingly important to create tools that can make life easier and provide solutions to different challenges that people are facing. Here are nine best resources from where you can get new app ideas to implement.

1. Tracking Medication

Due to a busy life, most people often forget to take their medication. Many of them have set a reminder on their phones for an alarm to ring when that time comes. You could develop an app that help patients track their medication without fail.

The application could have a check box that the user ticks once he or she has taken the medication. You could also customize the app to include more than medication. A good tool to develop this could be Tabris that runs on Java and could be used across mobile operating systems.

2. First Aid App

Before paramedics can reach the injured or the sick, a first aid app could help save lives. On developing such an app, you would find a ready market among the hikers, walkers, and virtually anyone.

Since there lots of data that would go with a first aid app, you may consider using a platform such as Firebase. Firebase stores and enables easier sharing of information without the need of setting up a key-value data.

3. Virtual Workout App

Exercise and weight loss market is so huge. However, there lacks a comprehensive app that can assist individuals enhance their workout. You can develop an app that would put you in your workout time and check your fitness levels by use of such tools as BMI counter and a workout regime.

You could then create workout regimes based on various factors such as the body type, size, and difficulty levels. The app could incorporate a weight watch that advises what exercises to do to lower weight. Corona SDK would be the best platform to develop such an idea. The platform enables you to animate objects to bounce around a real world.  You could use animations to show workout steps.

4. Digital Business Card

People exchange business cards only to throw them away after they have saved the contacts. This is very wasteful. Think of an idea of having a digital business card app where all contacts would be exchanged by the click of a button. You could customize the app to connect to the email addresses and phonebook directly as a directory.  Alpha Anywhere development platform is definitely a good development platform to build this app. It enables you develop tools that can be used across mobile software, pcs and Macs.

5. Parenting App

More children are carrying smartphones to school and other fun places. A parenting app could help parents track the whereabouts of their children with ease through GPS. The apps may be sold to schools and children agencies but given to parents for free.  It could have a panic button that the child could use if he or she needs help and the parent could be notified. Appelerator Titanium would be the best tool to develop your app on. The tool enables you pull together widgets to run concurrently.

6. Recipe App

You could develop the app to the cooking enthusiasts by providing them easy to follow steps and ingredients to enable them make different types of dishes. You could intertwine the app to calculate calories in the food after cooking. The app could also give suggestion on eating based on body weight, occupation, and BMR of the user. You could use such a platform as Xamarin mobile cross-platform. It works best in development of data-laden apps.

7. Construction App

Think of an app that assist construction experts estimate the building costs. It could go further to analyze the square foot efficiency, analyze energy that it would use and five suggestions on areas that need improvement. This would make it easy for them to create accurate estimates. Such a hardy app would need a platform such as IBM Domino Designer.

8. Wine Selector App

Selecting wines to take with particular meals is normally a hard task. A wine app would offer assistance on which would be the best wines to take with certain foods. The user would just fill the food type on the app then the app would give recommendations. A Java app platform such as Tabris would work best in this case.

9. Taxi Finder

In the event one was stranded, this app would help one trace the nearest taxi rank to his location. The app would give options and contacts of the taxi companies. The taxi company would use the app to trace the person. You could try Intel XDK as it is already built into Chrome.

If you have other app ideas to share, leave us a note.

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