6 No-Cost Marketing Tips To Get Users For Your Android App

Without the appropriate marketing and promotion efforts, the best apps may lie dormant and unheard of – a single icon amongst a sea of competing applications.

You might have created the next big Android app that will entertain users for a millennium. But there is no applause without a crowd. Without users, your app will never get noticed in the sea of competition.

Arthur Iinuma – the Co-Founder and COO of ISBX, says “Simply creating the next brilliant and disruptive app may not be enough.  Without the appropriate marketing and promotion efforts, the best apps may lie dormant and unheard of – a single icon amongst a sea of competing applications.  Too many app developers live by the motto  ‘If we build it, they will come.’”

Here are 6 helpful tips to market your app for little or no cost.

Use afiliates or aid referrals.

Instead of only marketing the app yourself, offer incentives and rewards to users who find prospects for you. Akin to affiliate marketing, aid referrals cost you nothing unless they’re successful. For instance, Dropbox used an intensive campaign with the help of aid referrals to share their service on Twitter and Facebook, which boosted signups by 60 percent.

When a user refers someone else to Dropbox, both received a 500 mb enlargement after the prospect signed up. In return, Dropbox built a $10 billion empire.

Aid referrals are a great way to motivate users to market your app and start spreading the word faster. Even Google Apps has a referral program, promising $15 for every user that signs up based on your recommendation.

Take-aways that drive marketing for better product experience.

“Like us with Facebook” or “Follow along on Twitter” are no longer effective ways to drive marketing. Instead, offer direct incentives or key take-aways that offer better product experience. This will give people an extra reason to download your app. You can even use a‘click for charity‘ tactic to make users feel they are giving something back in return.

Allow users to broadcast their data

High scores and progress shares are effective ways to market your app. Depending on your app and its relevant market, let users broadcast their stats via social networking. For example,Runkeeper tracks and scores your running stats every day on your iPhone. The app provides data on miles ran, calories consumed, and other metabolic information. Every day a user runs, or doesn’t run, their data is shared on Facebook and Twitter, effectively marketing the app for free.

Create a landing page

A capture page or landing site is a way to gather email subscribers to pitch new products and enhance customer loyalty. Start a landing site for your app and collect emails of your customers and potential leads. Offer premium apps or services not available to the general public to bait them into purchasing your app.

For this to be successful though, the content you’re pitching needs to be compelling enough so that your clients share your content with their friends and family.

Here are 20 gorgeous mobile app landing pages to give you inspiration.

Immaculate customer service

It is impossible to make every customer happy. But make it your goal anyways. Businesses of every affinity talk about customer contentment, but fail to comprehend its importance or even the proper way to go about it. According to HelpScout, 80 percent of companies said they believed they delivered stellar customer service, but only 8 percent of their customers agreed.

Think of your customers and users as an extension of your sales staff, but better. They work for free and will share your app with their friends and family, assuming they like your app and your customer service.

How to market your App Google Play

One of the greatest features we have on Play is the ability for developers to iterate quickly and publish quickly.

The Google Play App Store is the best place to submit your Android app. Unlike the Apple store, Google Play’s approval time is quick and there is less scrutiny on what you can submit.

One of the greatest features we have on Play is the ability for developers to iterate quickly and publish quickly. Developers say that is something they truly value,” says Purnima Kochikar, director of apps and games for Google Play.

However, once you get your Android app approved, you need to know how to market it. Google Play is all about organic discovery. Users search and seek your app on their own. Although app rankings are determined in different ways, marketers have a lot of tools at their disposal to influence the process.

Google Play determines rank with two primary algorithms: search and browse. The most important factor that impacts your app’s search ranking is the title keyword.  The right title keyword can boost your app’s rank position by100 spots.

Here are a few tips to make sure you’re optimizing Google Play’s organic search algorithm:

  • Use appropriate keywords in the app title
  • Use keywords in the app description and in the promo text
  • Conduct long-term ad campaigns
  • Target loyal users for retention

Head over to Apptamin to get more Google Play marketing advice for your app.


No matter how great your app is, without a sound marketing strategy, it will never be a success. Follow these no-cost tips to market your app and get it on the phones of millions.

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