7 DIY App Maker Tools To Start Building Your Own App Today

Hiring an app development company or freelancer to build you a high quality, fully functional app from scratch can cost as much as tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. For small businesses and budding developers, that’s out of the question.

Fortunately, there’s another option: make the app yourself!

Here are 7 DIY app makers to start building your own app today – no tech skills required.


BuildFire’s “click and edit” dashboard requires absolutely no coding, making it easy for users with zero tech skills  to create a high quality, engaging mobile app in minutes. Or if you’re totally lost, you can have BuildFire developer create your app for free.

Features include push notifications, calendar integration, streaming video, e-commerce, a mobile website and more. It’s free to use but limited to HTML5 Web apps.

Premium plans start at $49 per month. It includes both iPhone and Android, plus free submission to the app store.


Como is a three-in-one app maker that lets you create, promote, and manage your apps. Several features including a collection of themes, icons, colors, and layouts make it easy to build professional-looking apps.

It also offers a host of customer management tools such as in-app mobile payments that enable customers to place in-app orders as well as track customer deliveries.

It’s available for all major devices. Paid plans start at $33 a month.


Taplytics offers developers to in-app updates without needing to use code. You and your team can run app experiments using Taplytics’ native mobile A/B testing solution. A host of new features includes on-devices menus, custom goals and code-based experiments.

Taplytic offers both a free trial and paid version. The paid version can cost as much as $100 monthly for unlimited everything.


With Appsbar, creating an app is as easy as 1-2-3. Supported by a team of developers, appsbar lets app makers create native Android apps, HTML5 apps for iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. .

Simply choose from one of 37 app categories including restaurant, salon, general business, gym and more. Next, pack your app with features such as menu choices, social links, and multimedia. Have a good look at your app as you go along, making changes as needed. Finally, submit your app for publishing.

Appsbar’s developers will review your app to ensure for it meets the app store’s standards. The best thing is you pay nothing to create or publish your app.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie’s drag-and-drop platform is one of the fastest growing DIY mobile app-building tools worldwide. It covers all major devices and platforms, automatically publishing apps to their respective app stores.

Features include push notifications, social media and blog integration, photo galleries, and sharing capabilities. This helps publishers and developers stay connected to their users. There’s also host of app management tools such as app analytics, real-time revisions, custom coding and upates to help you gauge your app’s performance.

Like all good things in life, Appy Pie is free; at least to design HTML5 apps. For the rest you have to pay. Subscriptions start at $7 a month and come with a free mobile website.


EachScape is another drag-and-drop app builder that allows users to build customer, high quality iOS, Android and HTML 5 apps from their browser. Big names like NBC, CBS, Discovery and E! use Eachscape to build their apps.

EachScape doesn’t use templates. Instead, users can build customizable, feature-rich apps. These features include live streaming, social network integration, geofencing and location-based services.

Try the free trial to see how it goes.


Free, robust, and no coding required, AppMakr is a DIY app-creation platform that let’s you build as many high quality apps as you want. Features include high-resolution photo galleries, live updates, and design customizations. There’s also tab viewing, navigation control, and monetization tools.

AppMakr is also one of the very few app-creation platforms that gives you complete freedom and control over your app. Every app you design and publish belongs to you entirely and neverAppMakr.

The free version comes with advertisements. But if you prefer an ad-free app with more features to choose from, a premium account starts at $79 per month.

Ready to get building?

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