Latest Tools of the Week [2nd May – 8th May]

DesigniMag as you all know by now is a website that is opened up with the aim to help our designer and developer friends the best possible way we can. The entire team of DesigniMag is continually working and making efforts to come up with the ideas for the write-ups that will prove useful for designers and developers.

Preparing the lists of useful resources is one idea that clicked us and here we are with the first list of useful resources. The term resources is a broader term that can be divided into various subcategories like tools, plugins, apps, software and the list goes on.

For you all the check which all tools have been rolled up to help all you designers and developers out there, we have decided to come up with the list of fresh tools for designers and developers each week and thereafter taking the matter further we will be coming up with even the monthly and yearly basis.

How about going through the first list of the best tools for designers and developers by DesigniMag.com? Here it is, check it out!

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a tool that helps in focused code development that is much more refined. With it, users can build and debug modern web and cloud applications.


2. Web Design Conferences in May 2015

We are sure there is always an urge to learn new things, especially when you are a designer or developer. To keep this in mind, we have selected some of the best conferences that will be held in the month of May. We are sure you’ll love to keep an eye on all the web design/development conferences all around the world and wish to attend one.


3. Side Comments

SideComments.js is a sweet-ass interface component to give your site Medium.com style comments.


4. CSS FlexBox

CSS FlexBox is a place where users get the curated collection of CSS Flexbox related articles, tips and resources.


5. Kubist

Kubist is a tool that lets users create art from photos or other images by converting them into either cells or triangles. With it you can set the number of points to use, drag points around to adjust the entire image, and select whether to analyse the image for a more accurate result. Also, with it you can create a design from scratch, using the same controls.


6. Kolor

Kolor is a game that shows you a color and asks you to select the matching hue from multiple choices. The premise sounds simple enough, but gets progressively harder as more choices are given and the difference between colors lessens.


7. JSON Resume

JSON Resume is an open source initiative for creating a JSON-based standard for resumes. Its an ideal tool for developers by developers.


8. Sprint

Sprint is a tiny, lightning fast jQuery-like library for modern browsers.


9. Froala

Froala is a tool that helps you create beautiful visually appealing websites in less hassle-free manner.


There is no dearth of useful helping resources for all you developers and designers out there. Infact, there are people who are constantly thinking of easing your task with these tools, apps and websites. This is our very first compilation of ‘DesigniMag and we promise to continue the journey which definitely will go a long way. Stay tuned for more upcoming useful and motivating stuff which is lined up.


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