Latest Tools of the Week [16th May – 22nd May]

Tools, apps, websites are fast becoming talk of the day for the fact that without the help, the task one is doing can be time consuming and fussy. It’s not that designers and developers are not capable of handling issues, but then if you have the helpful tools and apps available why not make optimum use. Infact its a wise idea. Take help of these useful resources and get the best results in comparatively easily and speedy manner.

We have till date come up with two lists of latest tools and apps for designers and developers and here we are again with the resources that have been introduced lately to help you the best way possible. Here they are :

Latest Tools of the Week [9th May – 15th May]

Latest Tools of the Week [2nd May – 8th May]

1.  Iconate

Iconate is a tiny library that helps you to transform your icons with trendy animations as simply as possible.


2. Pintsize

Printsize is a place where you can start your web project. Besides providing you the basics to build a website it comes with nice and tidy file structure that makes it easy to scale your projects efficiently.


3. Colors

Colors is a color palette for the web users to help them in skinning the prototypes. Colors.css is a collection of skin classes that can be used while prototyping in the browser.


4. Free Blog Featured Images

Your struggle for feature image ideas seems to have got over. Here you can find a handful of free blog featured images that are about 750 x 300 size and can be easily modified as per the blog’s need. Download them for free for your upcoming write-ups.


5. Think Apps

Think Apps is a tool for creating your free Apple Watch App prototype in just 10 minutes. No coding required.


6. Watermark.js

Sometimes the need to write some text on top of an image arises. Watermark.js is a tool that helps in saving space and write the text on images with ease.


7. Your Browser

Check your browser details and create your own customized checker for your clients that too without having to shell any money. Isn’t that cool?


8. Outline CSS

Outline CSS is a clean, mean responsive framework for different web project. It’s a modular, mobile-first framework that comes with the best practices prevalent today for responsive design and core components. In all it’s a solid foundation for new web projects.


9. Shrink

Shrink is a little Mac OSX app that shows you Github issues that matter to you. It’s a free and simple app for Mac OSX 10.10 and higher.


10. Attending

Attending is a free application that helps in creating and managing free events in much better and organized way. You don’t need to sign-up (it’s not mandatory) and you can create an attractive mini website for your event in the simplest way possible.


11. Sass Burger

This is a minimal hamburger menu with fullscreen navigation that helps in creating hamburger icons.


With the hope that these above listed tools and apps will be of help in your different designing and developing projects we are winding up and will be coming up with more useful resources in the upcoming weeks. Stay connected!

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