Latest Tools of the Week [23rd May – 29th May]

Useful resources these days have become an important part of the world of designing and development. What all we get right in front of us in a visually appealing and functionally smart on the mobile phones, websites, applications are not the single day’s work infact a lot of time and effort is being put in. While designing/developing, people who all are into these fields seek help too and this help is in the form of tools, apps,websites, software and likewise.

Seeing the importance of these resources, we keep coming up with the listicles of lately introduced tools for you all to check out and use the same incase you find it apt for your design and development projects.

The immense hard work of people behind these resources I am sure have not stopped or are on break instead more new tools are coming your way. Take a look at this week’s compilation of latest tools.

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1. Pre Dawn

Created by Jamie Wilson, Predawn is a minimal Sublime Text theme and a syntax color scheme that originally was mere slightly tweaked version of the Flatland theme and after reworking and customization this was the result.


2. Atomic

Atomic is the the fastest way to design beautiful interactions. With this cool tool users can easily design the prototypes and share the same with others on the board.


3. A To Z CSS

A to Z CSS is a screencasts for designers and developers. The tool helps in easily learn CSS and sharpen their front-end skills with bite-sized video screencasts.


4. Silk

Silk is an interactive art generator that is quite easy to use. All users got to do is simply click and drag their mouse to create art that is mirrored from side to side.


5. Type Detail

Type detail is an ongoing project by Wenting Zhang. It is inspired by the great discontent’s 100 day project and Stephen Coles’s great bookThe Anatomy of Type. Once done this will help users to annotate a web typeface each day, pointing out the beautiful details of the type forms.


6. Animate Plus

This is an animation library that helps users in animating CSS properties and SVG attributes.


7. Smart Icons

This is the library of infinite icon system for the modern web. Its one superb tool for designers and developers.


8. Font Stand

Font Stand is a completely new way of licensing desktop fonts. It is a cool tool created for Mac OS X app that enables users to try fonts for free or rent them on monthly basis.


9. Tiny For Mac

Whenever I take a screen shot on my Mac Air, there is no name with which it is saved. Tiny for Mac is a tool that lets you take screen shot and renames your screen shot into a meaningful file name. Tiny does not have a window. It lives in your Mac’s Menu Bar.


10. Type To Design

As the name says, Type to Design is a tool that helps users in designing by simply typing the alphabets.


Have any such tool to add to the list? Let us know of the same by leaving your comments below.

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