22 Web Design Conferences to Attend in July 2015

Learning is a never ending process. Be is related to life, work, education or anything, one keeps learning the entire life. Professional growth and development to talk about is directly related to how much open one is to learn new things, about latest development, share ideas experiences, thoughts, understand the importance of technology and adapt to the changes taking place and how it can effect the productivity and efficiency.

There is no such point called saturation or where one can claim to be perfect knowing everything. The continuous changes keep the challenges high and increasing the competition. How then in such a hectic work schedule one can learn to ensure growth and success.

Tutorials, checking out other people’s works seeking inspiration can be quite helpful. Besides, you can call up meetings with your fellow people, attend conferences, events, be the part of such gatherings where renowned speakers (people in your profession) share their experiences. We have been listing down such best web design conferences of each month worth attending for designers and developers. 22 Web Design Conferences to Attend in June 2015,and 13 Web Design Conferences to Attend in May 2015.

Today, we have jotted down the conferences that are scheduled to take place in the month of July 2015. Be the part of these world famous events and you will see the change in your work style, get good know-how of related topics and much more. Hit a jump to know about all these best web design conferences of July 2015 that you can attend.

1. ReactEurope

When: July 2–3, 2015

Where: Paris, France

You all know how react.js has changed the way we think about client-side applications through concepts like virtual dom, one-way data flow, immutable data structures and isomorphism. ReactEurope is an event that lets users meet the core team and other members of the community to learn, socialize and have fun.


2. WebVisions Barcelona 2015

When : July 2-4, 2015

Where : Barcelona, Spain

WebVisions Barcelona is an event that features a fabulous lineup of design, UX, tech and strategy experts.


3. AnalogFolk London Hack Festival

When : England, London

Where : 4th July 2015

Get to meet the best technical and creative minds providing guidance on a variety of technologies and movements at the AnalogFolk London Hack Festival.


4. Introduction to AngularJS Workshop

Where : England, London

When : 7th July 2015

At Angular JS Workshop visitors will get introduces to the basics of AngularJS as you are guided through the steps to create an interactive restaurant application. The course is split into two full-day workshops.


5. CSS Summit 2015

Where : Online conference

When : 7th–9th July 2015

CSS Summit is a virtual, live CSS and SASS conference. Environments for Humans brings together some of the Web’s most notable experts in CSS and Sass for an all-new, three-day online conference, the CSS Summit 2015! Get online and bring the experts to your desktop for three days from 9AM to 5PM.


6. Further AngularJS Workshop

When : 8th July 2015

Where : England, London

Learn how to build your own awesome AngularJS FoodMe(lite) application at the workshop from the organisers of jQuery UK where they will introduce you to the basics of AngularJS providing steps to create an interactive restaurant application.


7. CascadiaCSS

When : United States, Blaine

Where : 8th July 2015, 9 AM

CascadiaJSFest is a three-day community-driven conference on the cutting edge of JavaScript and CSS. Browser, server, OS.


When : July 10-11, 2015
Where : Madison, Wisconsin USA
UXMad is a one track conference that will feature speakers from various places. The conference will showcase to locals the assets of the UX community and providing a chance to experience one of the best, brainiest, and least expensive places in the US to live and work.


10. MozCon

When : July 13-15, 2015

Where : Seattle, Washington

MozCon is an event that is best for SEO, marketing, content strategy, analytics where they will learn about these topics and tons more at MozCon. You will have to shell out $1,499 for general admission ticket.


When: July 13-17, 2015

Where : Lincoln,England

BritishHCI Conference 2015 will focus on digital society and let user understand the role interactive technology plays in mediating our civic lives.


12. Steakholder

When : 14th June 2015

Where :  Germany, Karlsruhe

Steakholder is an informal evening event where under different theme everyone is invited to bring the interest in the digital age and exchange knowledge.


13. UX Careers in 2015

When : July 16, 2015

Where : Seattle, Washington

UX Careers in 2015 is an event where you all will get to join a variety of UX professionals to network and discuss the current state of UX careers, understand how the field is evolving, and get tips to keep up to date on latest trends.


Where : Beijing, China
This conference will focus on the combination of business and user experience design strategies, in order to react to the consumers in the experience times thereby redefining user-experience.


16. SwissJS 2015

When : 18th July 2015, 9 AM

Where : Switzerland, Berne

SwissJS is a conference dedicated to Swiss JavaScript developers where they get the chance to meet and socialize with fellow people.


17. PHP South Coast Conference 2015

When: 18th July 2015, 8 AM

Where: England, Portsmouth

This is the first conference namely PHP South Coast 2015 which is scheduled to take place on the south coast of England in Summer 2015, where community members from around the world will gather under the same roof to learn and share information about the latest trends and technologies in professional PHP development.


18. EuroPython 2015

When : 20th26th July 2015

Where : Spain, Bilbao

EuroPython 2015 is the largest Python conference in Europe where designers and developers around the globe will meet to share their experiences.


19. User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) Exchange

When : July 22, 2015

Where : San Diego, California USA

User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) Exchange is an event that will include a variety of presentations and hands-on activities. Besides, you will get networking opportunities with other industry professionals, all focused on user experience, user interface, visual design, icon design, interaction design, information architecture, and usability research.


20. WDCNZ 2015

When : New Zealand, Wellington

Where : 22nd–23rd July 2015

WDCNC 2015 is an event where you will get to meet renowned developers from different places to share their experiences and know-how.


21. Forward 3 Web Technology Summit

When: July 27–31, 2015

Where: San Francisco, CA, USA

Forward 3 Web technology Summit is an event where multiple tracks will cover an abundance of technical topics including JavaScript, real-time communication, web MVC components, functional programming, scala, clojure, UX, data visualization, and much more.


22. AnDevCon Boston 2015

When: July 29–31, 2015

Where: Boston, MA, USA

AnDevCon Boston 2015 is an event where the most recent innovations in Android development in 70+ sessions will take place.


Incase you have missed out any conference in the recent past, why not attend the one(s) in the month of July 2015. How about letting us know which one would you want to attend to enhance the know-how of designing and development?


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