12 Best Ruby Frameworks for Developers

Ruby! The very name sounds interesting and indeed it is. Ruby is one dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that the web developers are well acquainted. It is the most popular platform that lets app developers do their job of developing different types of applications. This is one programming language that is well known for the features it comes endowed with and the ease it provides to the developers in web app development.

Supporting multiple programming paradigms smart functionality and object orientation is what makes this programming language stand out.

Now, coming to the frameworks, Ruby has some of the really useful frameworks for accelerating the development of the applications. We decided to feature some of the best Ruby frameworks that take no toll on the valuable time and efforts that could be invested in other tasks.

If you are a developer who is working with Ruby for your upcoming web app development and looking for useful frameworks, here we have a compilation that will prove useful to you. We have listed down best Ruby Frameworks that promise to ease the job of all you developers out there.

1. Nancy

Inspired in Sinatra and Cuba, Nancy is a minimal Ruby micro framework for developers. The entire project is maintained by guilleiguaran and is an ideal pick for developers.


2. Scorched

Scorched is one generic, unopinionated, dry, lightweight web framework for Ruby. It provides a generic yet powerful set of constructs for processing HTTP requests with which websites and applications of any scale can be built.


3. Cuba

Cuba is a Ruby micro framework for web development. It originally inspired by Rum, a tiny but powerful mapper for Rack applications.


4. Padrino Framework

Padrino is a Ruby framework that is built upon the Sinatra web library. Sinatra as you all know is a DSL for creating simple web applications in Ruby. It is created to make it fun and easy to code more advanced web applications while still adhering to the spirit that makes Sinatra great.


5. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. This framework enables users to write code by favoring convention over configuration.


6. Grape

This is a REST-like API micro-framework for Ruby. The framework is designed to run on Rack or complement existing web application frameworks such as Rails and Sinatra by providing a simple DSL to easily develop RESTful APIs.


7. Sinatra

Sinatra is a DSL framework for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort.


8. Camping

Camping is a small web framework that is a little white blood cell in the vein of Rails. It is an MVC web framework which is just 4kb in size and its built so it stays around the same range.


9. Lotus

Lotus is open source software that is well known for simplicity, fewer DSLs, minimal conventions, more objects, zero monkey-patching and the separation of concerns between MVC layers. Made up of standalone frameworks and each one shipped as an independent gem to emphasize the separation of concerns Lotus is one best pick for web app developers.


10. Remaze

Ramaze is a simple and straight-forward web-framework that helps developers in making things simple and complex in a fun way.


11. NYNY

This is a framework that has all the core stuff to run. Developers can easily extend NYNY via its extension interface. Each NYNY app is a Rack middleware, so it can be used inside of Sinatra, Rails or any other Rack-based app.


12. Celluloid

Celluloid is a concurrent object oriented programming framework for Ruby that enables users to build multithreaded programs out of concurrent objects just as easily as you build sequential programs out of regular objects.


These are the best Ruby frameworks that will prove useful for the fact that each one promises deliver the best and help you the best way possible. If you have used any of these frameworks, don’t forget to share your reviews with other developers who might find your reviews helpful in picking one for themselves.

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