Latest Tools of the Week [11th July – 17th July]

With the ease, various kinds of tools, apps, websites have been providing to the designers and developers have become the important part of their everyday world. No matter which ever project one is handling, the smartest way to work is to look for the tools, or applications that ensure to get the work done speedily and without any fuss.

Every Friday, we come up with the list of tools, website and other resources that claim to help all our designer and developer friends handle different projects with smartly to get much efficient, and productive results. To know more hit a jump!

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1. Raumrot

Raumrot is a website where you can download beautiful images free of charge. All the photos listed on websites are no stock-like, modern, creative and divided into sets for your ease.


2. Zeplin

Build pixel perfect apps in peace. Zeplin is a tool that lets you design hand-off in a quite easy way. Generate styleguides and resources, automatically in a hassle-free manner.


3. Turret

Turret is a stylus and a browser behaviour normalisation framework that helps in rapid development of responsive and accessible websites.


4. Zoom Slider

This is a simple content slider with a depth-like zoom functionality for a predefined area in different slides.


5. Sketch Flex Layout

Sketch Flex Layout is a jQuery plugin for Sketch allowing for CSS Flexbox layouts using stylesheets and prototypes.


6. Breakouts

This is a one stop destination for finding various implementations of the classic game Breakout in different engines. Here, users will get oodles of JavaScript game engines


7. Best Ruby Frameworks

If this sounds something familiar or you have checked before then you are correct. We thought of listing down this article that we dedicated to Ruby Frameworks that all you developers out there would any day find useful.


8. Relay

Relay is a design communication synced with slack. With this amazing tool you can capture and share work in progress with your team members.


9. HTML5 Mega Cheat Sheet

At MakeaWebsiteHub.com you will be able to check out the series of HTML5 tutorials and guides that will help you in various endeavors.


That’s all for this week. Next week, we will be coming up with more useful tools, apps and websites for you all to make optimum use of in getting efficient results.

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