Latest Sketch App Tutorials of Year 2015

If you all are acquainted with the Sketch App, it is an application that designers make optimum use of in designing application of various kinds. The only limitation it comes with is that it is for the Mac users alone. Sketch is one innovative vector drawing application for the Mac. It is a simple app that comes with oodles of powerful vector drawing and text tools viz. Perfect boolean operations, symbols, and powerful rulers, guides, and grids.

With such cool features, how can one expect it to be easy to work with? Users who are already using Sketch or the ones who have just started using it, might be facing some issues if not that trying to get a better understanding as to how to work for getting the desired results.

For you to get a better understanding of the application here we have come up with a list of the latest and best Sketch app tutorials that we assume will be of great help to let you learn various tips and tricks of Sketch app.

1. Designing an iOS Fitness Application with Apple Watch Compatibility

Using some basic and intermediate techniques, this awesome Sketch app tutorial will help you learn how to create an iOS fitness application that is compatible with Apple Watch.


2. How to Use only Rectangle, Circle and Line to Draw Illustration in Sketch

One of the talented designer at drew 18 famous robots illustration in Sketch app using only rectangle, circle and line and that too in a hassle-free manner.


3. Sketch for Beginners: Design a Bold Email Newsletter

This tutorial from Armando Sotoca published at will help beginner learners to create a beautiful and bold email newsletter template that you can use later.


4. Designing a VSCO-Inspired Web Journal in Sketch

Daniel Korpai will explain you to create a beautiful web journal in Sketch app that you can use both in mobile and desktop.


5. Design a Card Details App Screen in Sketch 3 (Tutorial)

Another cool Sketch 3 app tutorial that will help you design a card details app screen that takes advantage of new iOS 8 credit card scanning features.


6. Sketch 3 Tutorial — Designing Google Sheets Icon

Spend 10 minutes of your time and you will learn how to design Google Sheets icon in Sketch in exactly no time using the tutorial published at If you are still struggling with Sketch app and still want to create icons, you should check out our list of best Illustrator icon tutorials that will solve your problem for the time being.


7. How to Create a Flat Styled Icon in Sketch 3

This tutorial is for those guys who are just starting out to learn Sketch 3 app. A very simple tutorial that will help you to create flat styles icons that you can use in your custom designs.


8. How to Create an Icon Design Workflow in Sketch App 3

Another Sketch app icon design tutorial that will use inherent features in Sketch app to create an app icon in vector format.


9. Sketch 3 Basics and App-icon Design

Create a to-do list app icon in Sketch 3 with the help of easy tutorial published at


10. How to Create a Cartoon Bomb Icon with Sketch App

Using various techniques in Sketch app, this tutorial will help you learn creating custom icons in the software. This time you will learn to create a cute cartoon bomb icon in Sketch.


11. Sketch 3 Tutorial — Designing Google Docs Icon

Another best Sketch 3 app tutorial we spotted at that will help you create an Google Docs’ icon from scratch.


12. How to Create a Smooth Segmented Chart using Sketch 3 App

Another Sketch 3 app tutorial from that will use Gradients, Vector Tool and Masks to create a smooth segmented chart.


13. How to Design a Profile Card Interface with Sketch App 3

In this tutorial published at, you will learn to create a beautifully designed profile card interface in Sketch 3 using simple techniques and tools.


14. Designing Review Cards With Sketch 3

Using simple text and shape tools, you will learn to create review cards with rating system in Sketch 3.


15. Sketch With Material Design

This tutorial from will help you learn how to create a test app using Material Design Sticker Sheet available in the Sketch app already.


16. Creating and Using Symbols

This tutorial published at will help you create symbols and then use it in later design projects.


Let us know if you have worked on above listed best Sketch app tutorials and ofcourse if you have any such helpful tutorial worth sharing do let us know.

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