Latest Tools of the Week [18th July – 24th July]

Are you the one who waits for Friday to check out what DesigniMag team has in store for you all? With the hope that we are able to solve the purpose for which we have taken this initiative of coming up with a weekly compilation of useful resources, we are here once again. Besides the list of fresh tools, apps, websites, this time we have listed down something which you all would love.

Let me give you an idea. Well, its a deal! For more information you got to hit a jump and check out as to what the deal is about. Believe me you all are going to love the deal besides the tools, apps and various resources we have come up with.

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1. Massive Discounts on Stock Photos

Depositphotos offers one of the largest stock photo libraries available on the web. Indeed these come with a price tag which might not sound good but are definitely worth paying for. Okay, time for some good news for you all. There is a massive discount that you all can avail.

Yes, you heard it correct. You can nab either 100 or 200 images of your choice for up to 92% off the regular price! That’s not all, the best part of the deal is that you all can grab the images of almost any size you wish to. Sound amazing huh!  When you open up the link, you will find the timer that is running fast, so hurry up and grab the deal now!


2. RADjs

This is a framework that enables users to build mobile applications faster. It is optimized for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8, supports all web browsers.


3. Iconjar

Iconjar is a tool that lets uses to organize, search and use icons in a hassle-free manner. It lets you store all your icons in one place with just one click.


4. CodeMyUI

CodeMyUI is a website where you get oodles of resourceful stuff that you can check out and use in your projects. It can be called a one stop destination for users here they are promised helpful stuff.


5. AnyAPI

As the name says, here you get over 100 high-quality public APIs that you can check out and use the same if need arises.


6. Material Palette

Designers know how cool it is to play with colors and how important right type of palette is in designing. material Palette is a perfect tool for designers. They got to pick two colors and material palette will show how the result would look like.


7. Spectacle

Spectacle is a reactjs presentation library for users to write their decks in JSX. It comes with a built in presenter mode. What it does is that it shows you a slide lookahead, current time and current slide.


8. Dashing

Dashing is a Sinatra based framework that lets you build beautiful dashboards. It is not a simple instead an exceptionally handsome dashboard framework in Ruby and Coffeescript.


9. Ditto

Ditto is a tool that enables users to use in Photoshop for things like colours, text, font sizes; almost everything.


10. Half Tone Patterns

HalfTonePatterns is an online vector halftone generator that is created by Larissa Davidova for you all to check out and use.


11. Find Guidelines On Web

Find Guidelines On Web by  Arno Di Nunzio is a reliable list of links to the official guidelines in one convenient central location curated with the aim to help graphic designers in various projects.


12. Crayon

Crayon.CSS is a list of CSS variables that links color names to hexadecimal values usable with post CSS or with the users’ favourite CSS preprocessor.


13. Sketch Flex Layout

Sketch Flex Layout is a plugin for sketch for CSS Flexbox layouts using stylesheets and prototypes


14. Calltoidea

Calltoidea is a one stop destination for users to get a good dose of inspiration.


That’s all for the day. Have your say by dropping in the comments below. We know you all have a time crunch but believe us your valuable time that you devote to leaving your comments won’t go waste. Your suggestions matter a lot!


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