Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [23rd August – 29th August]

Javascript frameworks popularly known as jQuery plugins have been helping designers and developers in various projects for quite some time now. Everyday huge number of best jQuery plugins are being introduced to provide the ease of workflow in different tasks.

If designers or developers plan to add a particular element to the website, jQuery plugins serve a great deal and ensures to ease their job. Pinned below are lately introduced useful jQuery plugins for designers and developers to check out and download for free to use the same in different endeavours. Have a look at these jQuery plugins and let us know which one is your favorite.

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1. jQueryMy

jQueryMy is a lightweight jQuery plugin for real time two-way data binding.


2. Tree Multiselect

A lightweight and fast jQuery plugin that will help you to replace a <select> element with a sweet treeview element.


3. jQuery Isinview

This is a very fast jQuery plugin that tell its users whether the elements are in view inside a scrollable container, or inside a container hiding its overflow.

4. Tagsort jQuery Plugin

Another useful plugin that uses HTML5 data attributes that helps users to create interactive tags and filter them later in set of tagged elements.


5. jQuery Confirm Action

Create a simple but beautiful confirm dialog popup with the help of jQuery confirm action plugin.


6. jQuery File Upload

jQuery File upload plugin is an awesome file upload plugin that comes with various features like multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bar, audio and video support, etc.


7. Pinto

This jQuery plugin allows you to create a Pinterest like responsive grid layout. It has lot of customization options and very lightweight.


8. ulak

A super lightweight and easy to use jQuery notification bar plugin.


Add more to the list of you have come up with any such useful jQuery plugin that you have lately introduced. If you have used any of the above plugin, you can drop in your comments below to share your reviews.

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