Latest Tools of the Week [22nd August – 28th August]

In today’s cut-throat competition, it is not easy to earn your bread; one needs to be really good and quick at what s(he) does. Handling different type of projects, attaining more and more experience, getting more work and making sure to deliver them on time are few things that help one not just survive but become professionally strong.

In the quest to meet the deadlines, one feels the need of a helping hand that will ease the workflow. For this reason various kind of resources are being introduced every now and then. We at DesigniMag keep a check on the ones being introduced lately and pick the best ones to prepare a compilation for your reference. The filtered tools are selected on the basis of utility and smart functionality for all our designer and developer friends.

Our this week in the compilation of latest tools we have brought together some of the resources that will genuinely make you feel glad having come across to make optimum use of the same in your various projects. Sneak a peek at the latest tools, apps and websites that we have selected for you all for this week.

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1. Monstroid

Monstroid is a new multipurpose WordPress theme that has everything you need to create a beautiful and robust WordPress website. The customization can be made either through your admin panel or through MotoPress Editor – a premium drag-and-drop page builder plugin, that comes with Monstroid for free. The theme includes more than 23 extensions, 100+ pre-built pages (including pages made specifically for WooCommerce), 120+ PSD files, thorough documentation and tutorials. Moreover, Monstroid provides lifetime support (right in your admin panel!) and updates.

For those who want to build a website fast, Monstroid offers a collection of child themes for various niches. At the moment there are 10 child themes available, but this number will increase with 10-15 additional themes every month. With Monstroid you receive all of its child themes for free.


2. Pure CSS Apple

This is Apple device generator coded and designed by Ömer Aslanbakan. You can transform one Apple device to another using CSS3 animation and few lines of Javascript using this tool.


3. Apostrophe

Apostrophe is a content management system build on Node.JS and MongoDB that helps you to create complex content-driven websites with ease. The editing features in Apostrophe is so easy even editors can do it themselves without any tension.


4. CSSfmt

Inspired by Gofmt, this is a tool that helps you to automatically formats CSS and SCCSS source code.


5. CopyNHaste

How often you see a website where non-coders and coders comes. This is a website to bridge the gap between the two where coders and non-coders can train and show off their typing skills together.


6. rrrepo Marketing

Jumping into the world of startup but don’t where to start, how to start? Well, this is a one stop resource website for startup entrepreneurs that will help you to know everything about how to start the startup, marketing and everything related to it.


7. ProofHub

This is one of the best team collaboration tool we came across recently that will help you to collaborate and manage projects of all sizes.


8. UI Movement

Are you a UI designer then you should bookmark this site or subscribe to their newsletter to check awesome UI inspiration everyday.


9. Flinto for Mac

This is a prototyping tool for designers and comes only for Mac OSX. This app will help designers to create anything from simple-tap through prototypes or creating complex ones with interactions. The best part is you don’t need any programming to create prototypes.


10. Rucksack

Rucksack or call it as a little bag of CSS superpowers that will make CSS development fun. Light in weight, it doesn’t bloat and works lightning fast.


Have you got any useful resource that you believe is worth sharing and will be of help to designers and developers? Do let us know and we will be adding the same in our upcoming weekly articles of latest tools and apps.

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