Latest Tools of the Week [29th August – 4th September]

Tools, websites, applications, softwares all fall in one broad category named resources. Talk about them and you will find an immense range, old and the new ones, but then deciding on which one to select and use is one hard thing to do so. For all the designers and developers out there, we prepare the list of fresh resources that have been lately introduced to help you all in different tasks.

There are around 11 resources listed in our this week’s compilation out of which there are tools, websites, deals, applications that you all can make optimum use of the same while handling various designing and development tasks. Make your work easier and speedier with the tools that we have selected for you all.

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1. 100+ Presentation Folders

CompanyFolders is an online printing company that offers an extensive selection of presentation folders, that are easily customizable with a wide variety of imprint methods, coatings, stocks and other options. Do I need to spare more words to let you all know about it. Open up the page to check it out and make use of it if need arises.


2. FontFlame

Font Flame is tool that helps users with the typography making the entire process all the more fun. With it, users can discover new font pairs to make use of the same in various designing projects.


3. Flarum

Flarum is the futuristic forum software to make online discussion fun, simple, fast. Best of all, its free.


4. Drop.js

Drop.js is a fast and capable dropdown library for creating dropdowns and other floating elements.


5. Tuesday

Tuesday is one quirky CSS animation library that is developed at Shakr.


6. Paradeiser

Paradeiser is a slim package to deal with one of the major problems in responsive webdesign that is navigation.


7. Hack

Hack is a typeface designed for source code. You got to land to the page which gets open when you click on the name or the image pinned here to understand what exactly Hack is all about and how it promises to provide the ease of workflow.


8. Frontify

Fronitfy is a tool that helps in creating awesome style guides and maintaining in simple, easy and fun way.


9. Cohesive Colors

Cohesive Colors is a tool that promises to help users in creating cohesive color schemes in hassle-free manner.


10. PriorityNav.js

PriorityNav is one lightweight pure javascript plugin that promises to help you move your menu items if they don’t fit its parent. It weighs around 5kb and 2kb zipped.


11. Pure CSS Image Slider with Auto-Cropping and Resizing

Here is a deal from MightyDeals that is worth grabbing. The image sliders help in showcasing your website’s top products, features and image. Here is when  Pure CSS Image Slider  that is built entirely in CSS, is fast and lightweight slider comes into play. The awesome features that claim to help you get the desired results make it a deal that anybody would want to grab. The registered price is $69 but you all will get it for mere $27. So, what are you waiting for, grab the deal now.


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