Top 5 Tools for App Developers

Are you considering creating your first mobile app? Or are you a hardcore programmer who is always on the hunt for cool coding treats you can integrate into your app development strategy? There are numerous innovative tools being created to help programmers create better apps. From app analytics tools to pixel measurement tools, today’s application developers have a host of innovative resources at their disposal. Check out the following five tools for app developers to see which ones you can use to improve the performance of your mobile app creations.


For app developers needing to create wikis for their team members, Torchpad offers an incredibly helpful tool. Torchpad integrates with GitHub and Flavored Markdown. Users can easily create a private wiki for their team using Torchpad’s drag-and-drop interface and tree format structuring tool. Torchpad offers multi-person editing and real time permission controls. Currently in the beta testing stage, Torchpad is a handy tool to increase team collaboration and facilitate group understanding of project status updates.



Calq offers customized analytics tools for mobile developers. Available features include checkout analytics, retroactive action monitoring, conversion funnel identifiers, and real time customer interaction monitoring.



ScreenLab offers heat maps and data analysis for app developers. Users can compare potential audience interaction on a variety of different device sizes to maximize app layouts. Programmers are able to use ScreenLab for five free app tests per month, with paid plans available for enterprise users.


Pixel Winch

For app developers needing to test a variety of layouts, Pixel Winch offers a helpful imaging tool. Still in beta, Pixel Winch lets users upload specific app components in order to measure their formatting across a variety of screen sizes and resolutions.



Ringo lets programmers integrate two-way audio support into their mobile applications. Customers are able to connect with app support personnel via one-way video conferencing (support personnel are on-camera) and carry on conversations to rectify any customer support questions. Similar to Amazon’s Mayday support tool, Ringo offers app developers a handy way to increase user engagement and boost download satisfaction ratings.


These tools for app developers are just some of the innovative resources being created by entrepreneurs within the mobile application space. Which of these app creation resources do you think you will be integrating into your app development workflow?

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