12 Best Online Tools To Test Code Snippets

Efficient set of tools play a big part in allowing developers to test their code snippets. These tools help in checking unprepared codes, debug and write code in various languages.

Currently, various snippet testing tools are available on the internet. Some carry basic features, while the others allow sharing for additional review or help too. Through simple copy and paste, you can easily share these codes with your clients as well as friends. So, check out these tools and pick a perfect one to avail best results.

1) Codepen


CodePen is a perfect tool for the front end side of the web. It offers popular demonstrations and offers advanced functions of proper sharing and embedding. Proper application of this tool can play a big part in testing code snippets with utmost ease and comfort.

2) Dabblet


Another tool for testing code snippets is Dabblet. It’s an interactive playground for testing snippets of CSS and HTML code. Adequate application can play a big part in saving your work, embedding it with other sites and sharing it perfectly. It’s also compatible with modern versions of chrome, safari, and Firefox.

3) Ideone


Ideone is a popular online compiler and debugging tool. It’s is one of the best and most reliable options for snippet testing. This tool allows you to compile secure code and execute it online in various programming languages. Currently, its execution is carried in more than 60 programming languages.

4) jsFiddle


After Ideone, the next tool which can be used is jsFiddle. It is a shell editor which eases the work of writing JavaScript code by creating a custom made environment based on JS frameworks. It also allows the users to select framework and version according to their own choice and preferences

5) Codepad


Codepad is also a popular testing. It’s one of the best online compiler and collaboration tool which can create a short URL of your code for easy sharing.

6) Tinkerbin


Tinkerbin widely used for testing code snippets. It supports coding in HTML5/CSS3/JS and gives output directly on-screen. Even after being in development stage, it works perfectly and delivers efficient results in quick time.

7) JSBin


JSbin is also an efficient debugging tool. Through this, developers can easily share their code via email or chat. Newbies find its interface difficult to use, but experienced developers can use it perfectly and can also select between any JS libraries including, jQuery, JQuery UI, jQM, Prototype, MooTools.

8) Google code playground

The next tool which can be used for testing is google code playground. This tools gives an opportunity to try out all API’s provided by google, tweak the code and see the results. It allows you to test without opening an external editor.

9) Chop


This tool features an easy way to add notes to code snippets and share them perfectly. Its offers a quick, easy and reliable to way to test snippet codes. All you have to do is copy and paste the lines, add the notes and share them by using the unique URL.

10) HTML_CodeSniffer


This tool is a client script which keeps a look on HTML source codes and analyzes disturbance in a fixed coding standard. This written in JavaScript and is free from server side processing. Developers can also enforce custom coding standard by forming their own “sniffs” through this tool.

11) Regexr


12) Write Code Online


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