Top 10 Best free Rich Text Editors

A rich-text editor is one of the best and most efficient web development tools. It provides many benefits and plays a big role in enhancing overall functionality  and efficiency of a computer system. These editors are those web components which are used for a large number of purposes including, code management, writing quick notes and, many other web based applications.

Currently, many rich text editors are available online. Each one has its own quality, and helps a lot in catering various development needs. You can easily simplify various tasks by picking an efficient and reliable editor. So, checkout the list of top 10 editors to pick the best one. Also share your views with us.

1) Best Rich Text Editor – NicEdit


Ckeditor is one of the best and most efficient lightweight web text editor to allow of easy editing web content. It most customizable editor, loaded with special features. After using this editor, you’ll defintely get great results with features of easy customization and extension.

2) Rich Text Editor –  Xinha


Xinha is also a popular and efficient text editor. It is an open source, community built editor released under the BSD style license. Being highly configurable, extensible, and feature packed, this editor can play a big part in delivering best results in quick time. Primarily, its focused on community development.

3) Free Rich Text Editor –  WYSIWYG Editor


WYSIWYG is cross browser editor for web based applications and forms. Its one of the lightest and most customizable web editors available on the internet. After using this editor, your web development process will be simplified perfectly.

4) Best Web Text Editor-  FCKeditor


Another editor which you should consider to enhance your web development skills is FCKeditor. It is an extremely popular open source online text editor and has an efficient clean feature which automatically detects and removes the text which has been copied Microsoft office documents. Added to this, features of HTML table editing and creation also play a big role in making it easy for users to create and edit tables for displaying data.

5) Best Javascript Markup Editor –  MarkITUp


MarkITUP is a javascript based markup editor built on the top of JQuery library. Its one of the most popular editors, and offers a rich collection of features to the developers.
With the help of this tool, you can easily convert any HTML text area into a fully featured WYSIWYG editor. Its light weight, built-in Ajax preview and many other features help a lot in delivering best results in quick time.

6) Rich Text Editor –  WidgEditor 


The next editor which should be used for easy editing and customization is WidgEditor.
This editor is a perfect editing tool which installs easily and, provides adequate results in quick time. After using this tool, your web developing skills can improve a lot.

7) Best Leading Text Editor –  XStandard


Xstandard is also a leading text editor for desktop and web based applications. It not only offers nice features, but can also ensure clean seperation of content from presentation. After trying this editor, you’ll defintely get a nice experience as it meets most accessibility requirements perfectly.

8) Free Web Based Text Editor –  Whizzywig


Wizzywig is also an efficient web based text editor. It offers all essential features of a reliable editor and is also available in a spanish and german versions. While using this editor, you’ll also see the unique feature of web-safe color picker to change color of the text and, design custom UI controls.

9) Best Web based XHTML Editor –  WYMeditor 


This web based HTML editor plays a big part in delivering best results and emphasizes on the use of standards-compliant markup. If you are a standards aware developer, this tool is the best option for you as it was developed to output compliant HTML 4.01 Strict Doctype HTML. It’s a reliable option for easy and proper editing and customization.

10) Top free Rich Text Editor –  FreeTextBox 


FreeTextBox is also an efficient and reliable editor. It’s fully featured, and is extremely useful for ASP.NET applications. Along with basic editing features, this tool also offers a built-in image gallery and a full list of editing control for construction of tables and spell checking.

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